New Album "tour the ruins" coming this january

About Us

Float Here Forever are an alternative rock band from Detroit, Michigan featuring Darrell Bazian on vocals and Guitar (Osmus, Singer & Soldier), Nick Marko on Drums (The Holy Fire, Leaving Rouge, Singer & Soldier), and Sam Easterbrook on Bass. (Winters Bleak) 


Adobe and Teardrops

I like that Float Here Forever restlessly pushes the boundaries of the kind of act they could easily be shoehorned into sharing a bill with. The EP itself takes off into instrumental tracks that successfully avoid needless noodling. Inexhaustible is an expansive little EP that'll rearrange some of your own ideas about what's possible in alt-rock. 

CW Detroit/CBS Local

Intense guitar and percussion, followed up with deep bass and moody vocals. These guys remind us of some of our post-punk bands with their anthemic chord progressions and super catchy lyrics. 


The opener is the titular track which bursts onto the ears with some gritty vocals and impressive upbeat drumming

MP3 Hugger

Buzzsaw guitars and a generally gritty production makes for a post-punk delight, or perhaps it is post-grunge given that the vocals have that Seattle growl of yore. It is nice to hear a band go for it with such relish and bury themselves under a mountain of chords. A taste of a 90's sound that was for a short time captured the mood of the world. Talented group who have a grasp on how to work the listener in a sweat. - MP3 Hugger 



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