New Album Tour The Ruins Now Available!

New Album "Tour The Ruins" Available Now!

Float Here Forever - Tour The Ruins - New Full Length Album

Tour The Ruins was recorded by Grammy winner Dave Feeny (White Stripes, Loretta Lynn) at Tempermill studios and mastered by Grammy winner Alan Douches (Dillinger Escape Plan, Hot Water Music, Converge) at West West Side Music. 

Float Here Forever is

Darrell Bazian - Guitar/Vox

Nick Marko - Drums/Percussion

Samantha Easterbrook Bass/Vox


Raised By Gypsies

  The sound of Float Here Forever is heavily distorted, just crushing, but there is melody in here as well.   It moves fast, as punk rock does, and Darrel Bazian and Sam Easterbrook take turns singing.   Sometimes it's together sometimes you don't hear one of them for an entire song but on "Slipping Away" one will sing the hook- "I've got something to say / The words keep slipping away"- they take turns with it.    Just to name drop Nick Marko as well, as the drums on here are most excellent.

On Request Magazine

 Float Here Forever's upcoming album Tour The Ruins is a wild ride of the best kind.  It is the definitive gauge to which other alternative punk acts should be measured.  Keep track of this band, folks.  They are soon to be on everybody's radar.

Bob Osborne SCR

 Fourteen powerful rock tunes make up a highly enjoyable album which echoes the later days of Husker Du and Bob Mould’s next band Sugar. With the ability to carve out driving rock music but add a distinct melodic edge this band stands out amongst the alternative rock community.  Songs are short and to the point, not overstaying their welcome, the whole song book fitting into just over the 30 minutes. The dual vocals of Bazian and Easterbrook are particularly compelling. When the band slow things down the musicianship is particularly impressive with the three piece creating an epic sound.  A very impressive debut created by quality musicians who have honed their art to create great music. 

MP3 Hugger

So 90's endowed with extra vocal interactions to add this acts own individual stamp to proceedings. This is urgent stuff, a live fave I'm sure because it is no holds barred and singular in its approach. The timing is well judged too because any longer and the head banging I've been engaged in could have seen me lose a few of the remaining follicles I have left. 

Float Here Forever - Wasps



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